Product Care

Wash less and wear more when it comes to Ocelloni. Our clothing is cut and sewed using high-quality luxury fabric. You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy Ocelloni. And you do not have to worry about washing for a long time when you are wearing Ocelloni. 

Regularly washing your clothes creates a negative impact on their appearance and texture. When the time is right, consider hand-washing Ocelloni garments in cold or warm water for best results. 

Since these garments are luxurious and delicate, avoid using products laden with bleach and other harmful ingredients. Be gentle when washing and do not rub or twist to rinse off the water. Airing and shaking Ocelloni garments in the open are the best way to prepare them for drying. 

If you notice stains appearing on your clothing, they might be due to deodorants, perfumes and lotions that have not dried. Sweat will cause stains to appear on your clothing too. You can either take proper measures before wearing Ocelloni clothes. Or you can use spot and stain guides to help you. 

Use the correct temperature of the water when washing garments. Gentle detergents are the way to go. Avoid using harsh stain removers because they can ruin the state of your clothing fast. 

When it comes to Dry Cleaning Ocelloni garments, you will see the label mentioning 'DRY CLEAN ONLY' if that’s what it needs. We recommend not removing the label attached to the garment. The label directions are product care instructions - integral to maintaining the luxurious texture of Ocelloni clothing.

Fold your clothes properly and take diligent care while storing them. Even when you are not wearing them, clothes can get ruined in cramped storage and by moths. Fortunately, the high-end fabric used in manufacturing Ocelloni garments reduces the chances of any accidental damage happening to a bare minimum. 

With Ocelloni garments, you have luxury and comfort right with you till the very end.